Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, 2017

Cotton thread, Hand embroidery on found Persian Kilim, Dimensions variable



When I installed this artwork for my exhibition at First Site Gallery in 2017, I wanted to use threads and extend them from the embroidered patterns on the Kilim towards the viewer. That came from my interest in discovering new ways that could put the viewer in a situation where viewing the artwork form different distances was encouraged.

Colourful threads coming out of the embroidered patterns ─of screaming child─ created a star shape in front of the viewer that could both distract them from seeing the patterns on Kilim and invite them to look from different angles and discover details of the artwork.


When I was planning for installing my artworks for my exhibition at Victoria University in 2018, I had to manage the gallery space, so I have enough space for installing a few large artworks. With this challenge, I came up with a new idea for installing this artwork and two more similar ones.

I used moveable walls as a platform for installing my artwork and decided to create new abstract patterns by extending the threads across the wall and not towards the viewer. Despite the similarities in form and content in both versions ─installed in First Site Gallery and Victoria University─, two artworks could suggest different meanings and interpretations.